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Marjorie Barretto Photo Scandal 73

Marjorie Barretto Photo Scandal 73

Marjorie Barretto, a former actress and politician in the Philippines, was involved in a photo scandal in 2013, when several pictures of her posing half-naked were leaked online. The photos, which showed her exposing her right breast and wearing only underwear, were allegedly taken by her former boyfriend, Caloocan City Mayor Recom Echiverri.

Barretto initially denied that she was the woman in the photos, claiming that they were edited and manipulated. However, she later admitted that they were indeed hers, after her lawyer, Lorna Kapunan, confirmed it to the media. Kapunan said that Barretto was suing the unnamed blogger who posted the photos online for violation of the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act, which prohibits the unauthorized recording and distribution of private images and videos. Kapunan also said that Barretto had an idea who the source of the photos was, but did not want to reveal it for now.


The photo scandal did not seem to affect Barretto's personal and professional life, as she remained active on social media and continued to support her children's careers in showbiz. She posted a photo of her and her daughter Julia on Instagram, with captions taken from David Guetta's song "Titanium", implying that she was strong and resilient despite the controversy. Her daughter Julia also expressed her admiration for her mother's strength and said that they knew the truth.

The photo scandal was one of the many controversies that plagued the Barretto family, which included a feud between Barretto's sisters Gretchen and Claudine, a brawl at their father's wake, and a legal battle over their inheritance. The Barrettos are one of the most prominent and influential clans in Philippine entertainment industry, with several members being actors, singers, models, and politicians.


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