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Cardax Ft Controller 6000 Pdf Download BETTER

CablingFor full details on site cabling and recommended cablespecifications refer to Chapter 2 of the Cardax FT InstallationManual. Ethernet cabling The communications between the Cardax FTController 6000 and the Cardax FT Command Centre Server shouldpreferably be via a permanent Ethernet connection. A dial-up modemmay be used for communication if network communications are notavailable. For optimum performance 100BaseT unshielded twisted pair(UTP)(CAT5 or better) cable should be used for Ethernetconnections. The Cardax FT Controller 6000 is provided with an RJ45socket for ethernet connection. High Spec variant only The HighSpec variant of the Controller 6000 has a secondary Ethernetconnection (link) to which communications can automatically beswitched upon failure of the primary Ethernet connection. Thisvariant can communicate via either of the two on-board Gigabit(1000BaseT) Ethernet interfaces with the FT server and otherControllers in the Cardax FT system. For optimum performance1000BaseT unshielded twisted pair (UTP)(CAT5E or better) cableshould be used. GBUS Communication Cabling The Cardax FTcommunication circuit between the Cardax FT Controller and allsub-units is referred to as GBUS Communications. The electricalspecification for GBUS meets the standard for RS485. The cable typeused should be a low capacitance cable such as RS485 data cable orCAT5 cable. Note that this cable type is only suitable for thecommunications circuits. The power supply cable must be ofsufficient size to ensure that the voltage at the GBUS unitterminals is the recommended 12 Vdc. The cabling between GBUSdevices should be done in a daisy chain or serial format, (i.e. a Tor star format should not be used). The end devices on the GBUScable should have the terminating jumper plug fitted, to terminatethe GBUS circuit in 120 ohms resistance.

Cardax Ft Controller 6000 Pdf Download BETTER

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Procedure to receive an IP address from the server 1. Check thepower and Ethernet cabling to the Cardax FT Controller 6000 arecorrectly installed. 2. Locate DIP switch 2 (SW2) on the Cardax FTController PCB. Set switch 2 to ON (closed). 3. Switch on power tothe Cardax FT Controller 6000. The red Run LED flashes in thefollowing sequence: (The sequence completes fairly quickly but itis important you ensure the LED finishes indicating the "normalrunning" sequence.) - The red LED flashes fairly fast duringstartup. - The red LED flashes three times per second. The CardaxFT Controller 6000 is waiting for its IP address. - When the CardaxFT Controller 6000 has received its IP address, the red Run LEDflashes twice per second. This indicates the Cardax FT Controller6000 is waiting for database information to be downloaded from theServer. - When initialisation is complete, the LED flashesapproximately once per second indicating a normal running sequence.Notes: The section titled "Run LED" (later in this InstallationNote) details the different meanings of the various flashsequences. When a High Spec Controller 6000 is powered on with DIPswitch 2 (SW2) on and only a secondary ethernet connection, theController will obtain its IP address using the secondary Ethernet.Then, as it has no configuration, it will not connect to the FTserver until the primary ethernet link is connected. Looking at theController it will be obvious that the there is no ethernetactivity on either ethernet connection, as the RJ45 connector LEDswill not be operating, and the Controllers run LED will be in 2flash. 4. Locate DIP switch 2 (SW2) on the Cardax FT ControllerPCB. Set switch 2 to OFF (open). Assigning an IP address manuallyvia a web browser When the Cardax FT Controller 6000 is started(reset or power-up) with DIP switches 2 and 3 enabled, theController uses the following default addresses: ControllerIP: Server IP: Gateway: This enables installers to configure a PCwith an IP address in the same subnet as the Controller, and byturning on DIP switch 1, connect a web browser to the Controller'sConfig web page and assign the desired addresses for the site.Note: The installer's PC IP address should be different from theController's IP address, (i.e. not Follow the stepsbelow to access the Controller's Config web page: 1. Open theInternet Browser. 350c69d7ab


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