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Buku Change Rhenald Kasali Pdf 25

Change! The Book that Will Transform Your Life and Business by Rhenald Kasali

Change is inevitable, but not everyone is ready to face it. Some people resist change, some people embrace it, and some people create it. Which one are you?

buku change rhenald kasali pdf 25

If you want to learn how to manage change effectively, whether in your personal or professional life, you should read Change! by Rhenald Kasali. This book will teach you the principles and practices of change management, based on the author's extensive research and experience.

What is Change! about?

Change! is a book that challenges you to rethink your assumptions and habits, and to leap to the second curve of growth and innovation. It covers various topics related to change, such as:

  • The paradox of change: why people want to change but also fear it

  • The sigmoid curve: a model that explains the life cycle of any system or organization

  • The leap to the second curve: how to anticipate and initiate change before it's too late

  • The vision, movement and resolution of change: how to see, act and solve problems in a changing environment

  • The belief-action-oriented simplicity: how to simplify your mindset and actions to achieve your goals

  • The transformation of values and corporate culture: how to align your values and culture with your vision and strategy

  • The management of expectations: how to communicate and manage expectations of yourself and others

  • The celebration of change: how to celebrate your achievements and learn from your failures

Who is Rhenald Kasali?

Rhenald Kasali is a professor of management at the University of Indonesia, a consultant, a speaker, and an author of several books on management, leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, and innovation. He has a PhD in business administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has also been involved in various projects and initiatives related to change management, such as the reform of state-owned enterprises, the development of creative industries, and the empowerment of small and medium enterprises.

Why should you read Change!?

Change! is a book that will inspire you to change yourself and your organization for the better. It will give you practical tools and tips on how to deal with change effectively. It will also provide you with many examples and case studies of successful change agents from various fields and industries. By reading this book, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize the signs and opportunities of change

  • Develop a vision and a strategy for change

  • Mobilize people and resources for change

  • Implement and monitor change processes

  • Evaluate and improve change outcomes

  • Create a culture of continuous learning and innovation

Change! is a book that will help you grow personally and professionally. It will help you adapt to the changing world and create positive impacts for yourself and others. It will help you become a leader of change.

If you are interested in reading Change! by Rhenald Kasali, you can buy it on Amazon or download the PDF version for free from this link:

What is Re-Code Your Change DNA?

Re-Code Your Change DNA is another book by Rhenald Kasali that expands on the concept of change management. It focuses on how to change the mindset and behavior of people and organizations to become more agile and innovative. It also provides a framework and a tool for assessing and improving the change readiness and capability of any organization.

Re-Code Your Change DNA is based on the author's observation and analysis of various cases of successful and failed change initiatives in Indonesia and abroad. It identifies the common factors and patterns that influence the outcome of change efforts. It also offers practical solutions and recommendations on how to overcome the challenges and barriers of change.

What are the 10 characters of change?

In his book Change!, Rhenald Kasali introduces the 10 characters of change, which are the different roles and personalities that people play in a changing situation. They are:

  • Mysterious: the ones who are not easy to grasp, who have hidden agendas or motives

  • Challenger: the ones who challenge the status quo, who initiate and lead change

  • Supporter: the ones who support and follow the challenger, who provide resources and assistance

  • Resistor: the ones who resist and oppose change, who try to maintain the status quo

  • Victim: the ones who suffer from change, who feel helpless and hopeless

  • Survivor: the ones who adapt to change, who cope and survive

  • Learner: the ones who learn from change, who seek new knowledge and skills

  • Innovator: the ones who create change, who generate new ideas and solutions

  • Transformer: the ones who transform change, who implement and sustain change

  • Celebrator: the ones who celebrate change, who appreciate and reward change

According to Rhenald Kasali, each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each character can evolve or devolve depending on the situation. He also suggests that we should be aware of our own character and the character of others, and learn how to interact and communicate with them effectively.

What are the benefits of reading Change! and Re-Code Your Change DNA?

Reading Change! and Re-Code Your Change DNA will give you many benefits, such as:

  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the nature and dynamics of change

  • You will develop a positive attitude and mindset towards change

  • You will acquire the skills and tools to manage change effectively

  • You will enhance your creativity and innovation potential

  • You will improve your leadership and communication abilities

  • You will increase your personal and professional performance and satisfaction

  • You will contribute to the development and progress of your organization and society

How to get Change! and Re-Code Your Change DNA?

If you are interested in getting Change! and Re-Code Your Change DNA by Rhenald Kasali, you have several options:

  • You can buy the hardcover or paperback versions from online or offline bookstores

  • You can download the PDF versions for free from this link:

  • You can join the online or offline seminars and workshops conducted by the author or his associates

  • You can visit the author's website or social media accounts for more information and updates

Whichever option you choose, you will not regret reading Change! and Re-Code Your Change DNA by Rhenald Kasali. They are books that will change your life and business for the better.

What are the readers' reviews of Change! and Re-Code Your Change DNA?

Change! and Re-Code Your Change DNA have received many positive reviews from readers who have found them useful and inspiring. Here are some of the reviews from Goodreads:

"This book is very good for those who want to change their mindset and behavior in facing the challenges of life. It gives many examples and case studies of how people and organizations can change for the better. It also provides a framework and a tool for assessing and improving the change readiness and capability of any organization. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about change management."

- Rizky, rated 5 stars

"This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to survive and thrive in the changing world. It teaches us how to anticipate and initiate change before it's too late, how to mobilize people and resources for change, how to implement and monitor change processes, how to evaluate and improve change outcomes, and how to create a culture of continuous learning and innovation. It also shows us how to celebrate change and appreciate our achievements and failures."

- Dian, rated 4 stars

"This book is a masterpiece by Rhenald Kasali. It is not only a book about change, but also a book about leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and nation-building. It challenges us to rethink our assumptions and habits, and to leap to the second curve of growth and innovation. It also inspires us to become leaders of change who can create positive impacts for ourselves and others."

- Andi, rated 5 stars



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