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Love Strange Love (1982)

Now, I am once again living in the sweetdarkness of my own confusion, a manwho loves women and the parched earth and his thirst for water. All that completes metears at the fragile seams of seeming calm.All that offers warmth offers fire, and wewho slept together in the womb of another timenow wake as rivals in a sea without estuaries.

Love Strange Love (1982)


Mother and brother, sister, lover, husband,daughter, infidel and father. The stage fillswith cast thrown into a play written for harlequins.Out of a single torso, the Hydra-headed monsterrises and walks to the center of the stage,and though we bury its immortal head beneatha stone, though we sear the open necksof its severed heads to clear the air,they sprout again, leaving us calling outinto the crowd for some nephew to save us.

Now, there is a sleep and a mist, a sleepand a mist and the love-lust of a strangeand bitter time. Only the wild dogs anddream-icons remember what it was to love.But there are a man and a woman, and theywant to love each other, but have falleninto the deep reveries of the Hydra-headedself. There is a dream that requires sleepto find its meaining. There is a man andthere is a woman and their arms are lockedaround each other in a deep sleep aimed at finding who they were, at finding who theywill be, in the new garden from which somany eat, and in which no one wants to plant.

George Street Playhouse and Artistic Director David Saint are pleased to present Tony and Emmy Award winners DAVID HYDE PIERCE and DEBRA MONK in A.R. Gurney's classic love story, Love Letters, on the New Brunswick stage for one night only tonight, June 3 at 8pm. The modern classic two-hander will be helmed by GSP Artistic Director DAVID SAINT.A fundraiser for the Playhouse, seats are priced at $50; a special premium ticket is also available, priced at $100, which includes a post-performance reception with the artists. Tickets may be purchased by contacting the George Street Playhouse Box Office, 732-246-7717 or visiting George Street Playhouse is located at 9 Livingston Avenue, in the center of New Brunswick's lively dining and entertainment district."We loved having David here when he directed It Shoulda Been You (which premiered at the Playhouse prior to its current Broadway run), and I am thrilled and grateful he is returning for this very special performance. I have long wanted to have Debra at George Street, and I am thrilled she will be joining us," said Mr. Saint.


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