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Portable SolidWorks 2010 SP012: How to Download, Use, and Customize a Powerful CAD Software from a USB Drive

i noticed that the files were a bit empty and so i thought it may be just because it was in portable mode, so i started it up, created a couple of test files and started it up again. no go, the file manager icon still didn't appear. i started looking at the program to see if i could find anything in the help that might help me and that's when it hit me. i found the answer to my problem

Portable SolidWorks 2010 SP012

there is no way of adding launchers for the app to the main menu, the default file manager is standard osx finder. the software is portable, but not really small in that you need to set up a launcher and that's that. this means that you can't use it with full functionality with out a normal osx install. this could be a good thing or a bad thing, it depends on what you are using it for.

i have created a telegram channel called thehouseofportable. there are a lot of people on there and a number of people regularly post their own versions of portable versions of software they've found. please take the time to register, it really is an invaluable way to get updates when they happen and it is a great forum for discussion. you can also see what other people have done and try their versions. there are many talented programmers out there and we want to help them get their software out there. if you'd like to post something to the house of portable, please use the form below.

as a suggestion, get the best hardware you can afford. you are not required to spend the most money, but it might help with the accuracy of the device if you spend more. depending on the portable device, you can have a barcode scanner/reader or you can opt for a 3d scanner and a mouse. we can only suggest, based on our experience, that you get the best hardware you can afford. the bigger the better. the more scanners the better. the more mice the better. the more 3d scanners the better. the more memory the better. the more storage the better. the more power the better. the more portable the better. no, sorry, it's not about the power. it is about the accuracy. the higher the quality of the hardware, the more accurate the accuracy. if you are having problems getting accurate data, try to find an experienced portable solutions provider who can help you. try to get a quote for the device you have. before buying, do a little research. there are many solutions providers out there. you might have to do some research yourself, or you might have to settle for a less accurate solution. but, the more you know the better your chances of getting a perfect solution are.


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