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Sundarapandian Nenjukulle Karaoke

Sundarapandian Nenjukulle Karaoke

Sundarapandian is a 2012 Tamil romantic comedy film directed by Prabhakaran and starring Sasikumar and Lakshmi Menon. The film features a popular song called "Nenjukulle", sung by Saindhavi and composed by N.R. Raghunanthan. The song is a melodious duet that expresses the love between the lead characters.


If you are a fan of this song and want to sing along with it, you can find various karaoke versions of it online. Here are some of the best sources for Sundarapandian Nenjukulle Karaoke:

  • : This is a social singing app that allows you to sing with other users or solo. You can find the karaoke lyrics and music of Nenjukulle arranged by _SK_SafeeK_ on Smule. You can also join the existing recordings or create your own.

  • : This is a platform that lets you listen to and share audio tracks. You can find the karaoke track of Nenjukulle uploaded by Comphiphauto on SoundCloud. You can play it online or download it for offline use.

  • : This is another karaoke track of Nenjukulle on SoundCloud, but this one is for female singers only. It is uploaded by lkarthikeyan and has a lower pitch than the original song.

With these karaoke sources, you can enjoy singing Nenjukulle from Sundarapandian anytime and anywhere. Have fun!


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