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Natalia Kills Perfectionist Us Deluxe Version 2011 ITunes

Natalia Kills Perfectionist Us Deluxe Version 2011 ITunes

Natalia Kills is a British singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to fame with her debut album Perfectionist, released in 2011. The album features a dark and edgy pop sound, influenced by Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode, and film noir. The album spawned four singles: "Mirrors", "Wonderland", "Free", and "Kill My Boyfriend". The album received mixed reviews from critics, who praised Kills' vocals and style, but criticized the lack of originality and cohesion.

The US deluxe version of Perfectionist was released on iTunes on January 1, 2011. It contains 16 tracks, including five bonus tracks: "Heaven", "Nothing Lasts Forever", "If I Was God", "Free (Bonus Track)", and "Mirrors (2K22)". The deluxe version also includes music videos for "Zombie", "Free", "Wonderland", and "Kill My Boyfriend". The deluxe version showcases Kills' versatility and creativity, as she explores different themes and genres, such as electro-pop, hip-hop, rock, and ballad.


Perfectionist is an album that reflects Kills' personality and vision. She describes herself as a perfectionist who is obsessed with success and fame. She also reveals her dark side, as she sings about violence, revenge, love, and suicide. The album is a journey through Kills' mind, as she exposes her fears, desires, and fantasies. The album is a statement of Kills' identity, as she challenges the norms and expectations of society.

If you are a fan of Natalia Kills or pop music in general, you should check out the US deluxe version of Perfectionist on iTunes. You will not be disappointed by the quality and diversity of the songs. You will also get to know more about Natalia Kills, one of the most intriguing and talented artists of the 21st century.


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