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PwdMaharashtraRedpdf is a file name that refers to the Public Works Department (PWD) Handbook of Maharashtra, India. The PWD Handbook is a comprehensive guide that covers all the technical and financial aspects of construction work in Maharashtra. It provides detailed information on the materials, methods, standards, quality control, measurements, payments and disputes related to various types of construction work such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams, ports, airports and electrical works.

The PWD Handbook was first published in 1876 and has been revised several times since then. The latest edition is the tenth edition, which was published in 1986. The tenth edition consists of 38 chapters, each dealing with a specific subject related to construction work. The chapters are divided into two types: A-type and B-type. The A-type chapters are general chapters that apply to all types of construction work, while the B-type chapters are specific chapters that apply to particular types of construction work.


The PWD Handbook is an authoritative source of reference for engineers, contractors, consultants and other stakeholders involved in construction work in Maharashtra. It is also used as a basis for preparing estimates, tenders, contracts and bills for construction work. The PWD Handbook is available online on the official website of the PWD Maharashtra. It can also be downloaded as a PDF file from various sources on the internet . However, some of the information in the PWD Handbook may be outdated or inaccurate due to the changes in technology, regulations and practices over time. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the latest circulars, notifications and amendments issued by the PWD Maharashtra before relying on the PWD Handbook.


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